Amsterdam Houses

On June 19, 2019, Sydnie L. Mosley ’07, Founder of SLMDances, Lincoln Center Education, and the Barnard Center for Research on Women partnered to host a workshop at Lincoln Center’s Rose Building for an afternoon of sharing oral histories and lived experiences in public housing with residents of Amsterdam Houses.

For over a year SLMDances has been engaged with elders at Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center at the invitation of Lincoln Center Education. In their various engagements which have included dance performances, workshops, lunch time conversations, field trips, and participant observation of existing daily activities, elders suggested doing an oral history project with them to learn more about their neighborhood and their experiences living there.

The byproduct of this collection of stories will culminate in a creative work which will visualize the stories through site-specific dance theater work performed by residents and SLMDances. The work will illustrate history and the joys of living in Amsterdam Houses, as well as justice issues of housing insecurity, displacement, and living within/near affluent surroundings (Lincoln Center campus). A snippet of this upcoming piece was performed at the start of this workshop.

For audio and transcript of these collected stories, click here.