Marble Hill Houses

On August 5-6, 2017, the Barnard Center for Research on Women held workshops at NYCHA’s Marble Hill Houses in the Bronx. This facilitated, resident-focused workshop was the first in a series of workshops planned for the public housing project, Changing the Narrative. The purpose was to create space for residents to share their experience, discuss issues and solutions, and highlight the importance of the public housing program.

Day one was broken up into two sessions, one for residents only, and another for housing advocates, activists, and community organizations. the format for both sessions included a group discussion followed by breakout groups encouraging participants to engage in conversation around specific questions about their role in and vision for public housing. We also organized visioning and timeline exercises in order for residents to reflect on their history in public housing as well as their hopes for the future of public housing.

Day two was reserved for paired resident interviews o delve more deeply into personal histories and experiences, stories of community, and solution-oriented discussion on steps to take toward those visions imagined on day one.

For audio and transcripts of these conversations, please click here.